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How to Change Your IP Address from Behind a Router in Minutes

This is an easy and effective method you can use to change your Internet Protocol address. There are a variety of reasons behind why you might wish to change your IP address, so just follow these nine simple steps and you will have a new IP address in no time.
This method is guaranteed to work if you have a dynamic IP address as opposed to a static IP address. The difference between static and dynamic internet protocol addresses is that people using a dynamic IP can be issued a new IP on command.

Changing a static IP is more complicated, and I will be sure to write another article explaining that method as well.

To determine if you have a static or dynamic IP address, simply go into your start menu, navigate to your control panel, and click on network connections.

Right click your internet connection and click on properties. In the general tab you will see “This connection uses the following items” followed by a bunch of checked options. Scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click on it and go to properties.

If “obtain an IP address automatically” is checked, you have a dynamic IP address and this method will certainly work for you.

Now for the steps of action required to change your IP address from behind a router:

1. Go to Start » click Run… » type in “cmd” » when cmd.exe opens, type in “ipconfig /all”

2. Scroll down to where it says Ethernet Controller, and immediately under that you will see your physical address, containing 12-digit hexadecimal characters – take note of this address as we need it in the next step

Next we want to go to our router’s address, which can be done by going to – You will be prompted to enter a username and password, by default the username is user while the password is admin.

Now this part may be different for you unless you have a Linksys router.

3. When you have entered the router page you want to find the MAC (media access control) Address Clone option, which most routers have. For me it is on the main tab Setup – gt; MAC Address Clone.

4. Enable MAC address cloning, and enter the physical address (that you took note of before) in the given field.

5. Now, we want to CHANGE the last 4 numbers to anything you want so long as it is a character from 0-9 and/or A-F.

6. Click Clone Your PC’s MAC after you have altered the last four characters.

7. Click save settings

8. Unplug your modem for 30 seconds, and then unplug you router for another 30 seconds.

9. Plug your modem back in, followed by your router.

There you have it, a fresh new IP out of the nearly unlimited pool of IP addresses provided to you by your ISP. You can verify your IP address has changed by typing in “what is my ip” in Google and using one of those IP checking services both before and after you change your IP address.

I hope this simple method allows you to quickly obtain a new IP address from behind a router without any problem! Once you get it down to a science you can change your IP in less than 2 minutes!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, and be sure to check out my upcoming article on how to change an IP if you have a static IP.

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