How to Delete iPhone Backups in iTunes?

You are an iPhone user, that’s good. You have got a productive device to help you in many ways. But have you ever wondered about the database stored in iTunes storage and the potential risk factors, like misuse? You must take it into consideration.

iTunes is a byproduct service provided by Apple to all the iOS users to store their contents, apps, softwares on that platform. It can be accessed from any Apple product using the same Apple ID.

Though an user can access the iTunes storage server from any Apple device using the same Apple ID, thus besides providing the user of all the benefits of access the database from anywhere, it simultaneously gives way to the possibility that a trespasser can access your iTunes storage location even without your iPhone device.

Thus misuse of such technology is quite a possibility which should not be neglected at all.

Why should you delete your iPhone backups in iTunes?

Deleting iPhone backups from iTunes is an important task that users should fulfill while handing over their device to someone else, or in case of doubt that your belongings can be stolen from the iTunes server. The possible reasons can be as follows”

  • Any other user may intend to use your database without your permission.
  • The user may try to make changes or modifications to the files present in iTunes.
  • Trespassers can use apps and softwares stored in iTunes to carry out their own mischievous acts and you will be held responsible for the entire account.
  • The backup files stored in iTunes can bypassed and can be put to use for any personal motives by anyone who knows to crack open the Apple ID.
  • All your media contents such music, and videos can be used by another user if he hacks into your account free of cost.

Hence this article would instruct you with the methods to delete your iPhone backups from iTunes in simpler and user friendly manner.

Deletion of iPhone Backups from iTunes:

Methods to delete iPhone Backups generally include the deletion of apps, softwares, games, and media files from iTunes which can be exploited in case your Apple ID gets known to any trickster.

Method 1: Clearing unnecessary iOS device Backups from iTunes

Many a times, iTunes unnecessarily make iOS device backups and takes a lot of valuable space which you want to free up. The instructions are given in steps:

Step 1. Open the iTunes. Once the screen appears go to the “iTunes” menu and click on “Preferences” option.

Step 2. On the available screen, click on the “Device” icon at the top of the screen to show the device which is connected to it.

Step 3. Select all the backups that you want to clear from the “Device backups” option.

Step 4. After you have selected what exactly you want to delete from the “Device backups”, tap on the “Delete Backup” button.

Step 5. After you have clicked on “Delete Backup” button, all the device backups you have chosen for deletion gets cleared from iTunes storage.

Method 2: Deletion of Apps from iTunes

The apps that you download or store in your iPhone are many a times remain unused throughout the day. Thus instead of keeping those apps installed, deleting them from the iTunes would at least reclaim much of your storage space.

The unused apps not only takes a lot of valuable space but also wastes your data during their background updating of the apps.

Step 1. Open your iPhone and go to the iTunes to open it.

Step 2. In the “Library sidebar” click on the “Apps store” from there.

Step 3. Once you are done with this much, simply select the apps you intend to delete from iPhone, and press “Delete” from your keyboard.

Step 4. In case you are prompted with an option “Move to Trash”, click on it to transfer all the backups to “Trash” folder.

Step 5. After the backups are transferred to the “Trash” folder, make sure you have emptied the trash folder so that they cannot be retrieved again.


Here in this article, the removal of iPhone backups in iTunes has been shown as a paramount importance which is in fact the real requirement when you prefer to switch over to another device.

Although iTunes provides you the interface to store all your media files, but at the same time provides you the means to backup your entire iPhone system files. So when you backup all your files on iTunes, which though cannot be opened except the music, videos files, it becomes a mandatory rule to delete all the backup files in case you have a doubt that somebody else can access your Apple ID and can extract all the contents and files from it.

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